Denver Post 1966

Mustangs ‘Gallop’ For High Country

One of the fastest selling automobiles in Colorado is saluting Colorado in appreciation.

About noon Monday, 350 specially decorated Mustangs by Ford Motor Co.-carrying “High Country,” insignia on both front fenders- will begin their transport from “piggyback” railroad cars to dealer showrooms in Ford’s Denver zone, headed by Thurlo Newell.

It’s a genuine “first” in American auto sales.
The Mustangs – manufactured as a special project in Ford´s California plant – will arrive over the weekend aboard a special 23 – car freight train.

Mustang Train

They´ll be in all models, from two-door to fastback, and they´ll be very special.  They will be the only Mustangs with the “High Country” insignia and the “very special colors,” chosen at the San Jose, Calif. assembly plant by Denver dealers.

Ford´s designers came up with seven color choices.  The dealers chose three.

The 350 special Mustangs arriving in Denver for area wide distribution will – in addition to the “High Country” insignia – sport paint in “aspen gold”, or “columbine blue” or “timberline green.”

It’s an extra gesture to an area which has welcomed the Mustang with checkbooks.  Ford officials say this may “never happen again”, and they attribute the idea to Newell.

The “High Country” Mustangs will be unloaded from rail cars at Hadley Auto Transport Co., 4300 Trenton St., near Stapleton International Airport, just off Smith Rd.

“This is a new concept in merchandising,” said a Kansas City Ford Public relations executive.  “It just might be terrific.”

The Denver Post, July 17, 1966